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Feature Suggestion Contest
The Feature Suggestion Contest continues.  Enter your suggestions for new features for Pwnie Express products and if you submit the best suggestion of the week, we will send you a Pwnie Express shirt!  Here’s how:

Feature requests should be tangible things like:
  • Add the latest version of XXXX tool
  • The XXXX script doesn’t properly handle arp-spoofing on a remote network
  • Add a script to automatically configure XXXX 
  • Include my script which sets up metasploit to do XXXX
  • Can you provide more automation / documentation for the XXXX tool 
Submit your requests here: 
To add a new feature request:
  • Visit the issues page
  • Select ‘New issue’ 
  • Enter your suggestion! No need to select a milestone, we’ll prioritize requests against milestones internally. 
Winners will be announced each Wednesday.
New Pwn Plug source repository!

The new Pwn Plug release 1.1 source repository is now online! You can now:

  • Contribute your own Pwn Plug customizations (example: “Here’s a script that adds Bluetooth logging to Passive Recon”)
  • Submit feature requests (example: “Add ability to war dial via GSM modem”)
  • Report bugs (example: “Script X isn’t working in this particular environment”)

More community-building tools to come!

- The Pwnie Express Team

Pwn Plug 1.1 Community (Free) Edition Released!

Already own a Sheevaplug? Turn it into a Pwn Plug with the Pwn Plug 1.1 Community Edition!

Jon Cran joins Pwnie Express!

We’re VERY excited to announce Jon Cran from the Metasploit QA team as our new CTO and Software Lead! Welcome aboard Jon!!

Pwnie Express sponsors x-traction point at Confidence 2012

The most intense live-action security conference competition we’ve seen to date, including stealth, lockpicking, escape artistry, marksmanship, electronic countermeasures, cyber-warfare.. one component of which includes using a Pwn Plug for remote deactivation of the in-game physical security alarm system!

Pwnie Express Update : May 2012

First off, another HUGE thanks to all of you! Pwnie Express wouldn’t be where it is today without your support.

Pwn Plug Release 1.1 now available!
 Upgrade Here!

  • 20-second boot up
  • OpenVPN & SSH-VPN support
  • 802.11n, Bluetooth, and Zigbee support
  • Point-and-click SSH receiver (Backtrack) setup
  • Text-to-bash - text shell commands to your plug via SMS!
  • One-click Passive Recon, and much more

Recent Press!

Coming soon!

  • The PowerPwn: Wireless, Bluetooth, dual-Ethernet, and 16GB disk onboard!
  • The Pwn Plug Mini: Half the size of the Pwn Plug.. with identical specs!
  • These mind-blowing new products will be released at Defcon 20 in July!
  • Want to be an early adopter? Ask us about our pre-release program!

All for now! Thanks again folks!

The Pwnie Express Team

Pwn Plug 1.1 Update Guide by The Powerbase

Tom Nardi shares his Pwn Plug Release 1.1 upgrade experience - full Release 1.1 review coming soon! Thanks Tom!

Pwn Plug Software Release 1.1 Now Available!

After much development, testing, and late night brainstorming, Pwn Plug software release 1.1 is now shipping on all new plug orders! And yes, our commercial customers can upgrade free of charge (click here).

This is a MAJOR release, including an entirely new Linux distro. Here’s just a sampling of the new feature set:

OS & performance improvements!

  • OS upgraded to Debian 6 (Squeeze)
  • 20-second boot up
  • Faster file-system (UBIFS)

New tunneling features!

  • SSH Egress Buster
  • OpenVPN & SSH-VPN support
  • New covert channels (udptunnel, iodine, etc)
  • Support for authenticating HTTP proxies
  • More resilient tunnels (thanks Lance Honer!)

New Plug UI features!

  • Point-and-click SSH receiver (Backtrack) setup
  • One-click NAC Bypass (Elite models)
  • One-click Passive Recon
  • One-click Stealth Mode
  • One-click History Wipe

New wireless features!

  • Support for 802.11n and hundreds of new wireless devices
  • JP Ronin’s Bluetooth pentesting suite
  • Kismet new-core with Ubertooth support
  • Zigbee support (thanks Travis Goodspeed!)
  • 4G cell network support (Elite models)
  • War dialing via GSM modem (Elite models)
  • SMS text-to-bash (Elite models) :

..and of course, more tools!

  • Over 50 new pentesting tools!
  • Web app testing tools, including w3af
  • Database/SQL testing tools
  • THC IPv6 toolkit
  • VoIP testing tools

A HUGE thanks to our customers and supporters! Your feedback and dedication has allowed us to create the most robust and reliable pentesting drop box on the planet!


- The Pwnie Express team.

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